Monday, July 9, 2012

Skype API version 1.4 RELEASED!!

Hi There,

Finally, I've released version 1.4. on the maven central. I intended to release earlier last week, but I bought a new computer and had a lot of trouble going from lost data to hardware incompatibility with linux.

But the time has come! I worked quite a bit on this version to fix a lot of bugs and I hope it is more stable under every OS platform. Here are the release notes:

  • Windows :
    • now the native library can be compiled using mingw, both under windows and linux. It is still possible to compile using visual studio, but mingw compilation is preferred.
    • a small bug in getInstaledPath function has been fixed.
    • fixed native library extraction and loading
  • Mac OS :
    • fixed problems with getProfile and other functions that depended on deprecated MESSAGE object have been fixed.
    • framework extraction fixed to work both from jar and eclipse

  • Linux : a major rewrite has been done. There are now two native implementations, the old one using X11 and a new one using DBUS. The X11 version was very unstable and sometimes would even connect to a skype instance running on another user.
The default implementation is now DBUS, which proved much more stable on my tests. It is still possible to use the old implementation setting a JAVA System variable, "skype.api.impl", to x11.

Besides the bug fixes, some new features have been added:

  • Chat.setGuidelines : can be used to change a set guidelines
  • Chat.addListener : allows registering a listener that will be triggered for users entering and leaving a chat
  • Skype.addChatEditListener : allows adding a listener that will be triggered when messages are edited

Besides, the samples have been moved to its own project and a lot of refactorings have been to done to organize the code.

The samples can be found on the following project:

Again, for newcomers, you can use the API adding the following dependency to your maven project:


There is also a shaded jar, if you prefer:

That's it for now. Please, feel free to drop bug reports, I'll try to be more promptly from now on.